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10U-18U Spring House Program

Program Structure

Who: Open to boys & girls born 2002-2011 who have participated in either a 2019-2020 NoVA Youth CBHL, Youth CCHL, Girls, 8U House, LTP Program or similar Program outside of the NoVA Hockey Club. Please direct all questions to Brian McCarthy who can be reached at

What: The 10U-18U Spring House Program will be similar to last season’s format where there will be a mixture of power skating, practices and games. There will be three House Divisions generally broken up by age combined with the school type a specific player will attend in 2020-2021. (Example: a rising NoVA 8U player who will play 10U in the 2020-2021 Season will participate in the Elementary School (ES) Division).

Elementary School (ES) Middle School (MS) High School (HS)
2009-2011 2006-2008 2002-2005


When: The 10U-18U Spring House Program will run from March 17, 2020 through May 16, 2020. The following table shows the ice slots used in the 10U-18U Spring House Program. The specific schedule will not be completed nor released until the beginning of March .

Quantity Day Time Slot Event
4 Tuesdays 6:00pm – 8:45pm

Specialty Sessions

6 Saturdays 4:30pm – 8:45pm Games and/or Practices
3 Sundays 7:30am – 11:45am Games and/or Practices


Where: All Ice Slots are at Mt Vernon RECenter, 2017 Belle View Blvd, Alexandria, VA 22307

Structure: Specialty Training Sessions: All Program registered skaters will have four (4) "power skating" sessions run by a specialist. At these sessions, all Program registered goalies will have individual training from Wolfe Hockey Academy.

Practices: Will be run by coaches who have been certified by USAH and will follow USAH ADM guidelines. At the discretion of Divisional Coaches, practices may be substituted for games from time to time.

Game Day: Each player will bring both their "home" and "away" NoVA jerseys. Having no set teams in this Program, teams will be formed at random within each respective Division once all players have entered the ice surface. At each respective Game, teams will be re-divided allowing players a chance to play with a variety of friends and skill sets. Score will be kept in each game but scores will not be used for any "standings".

Cost: $300/player and $175/goalie which includes 13 ice slots (est 4 specialty training sessions and 9 ice slots used for practices and games)

Registration: You must be a member of USA Hockey for the 2019-20120 season and provide your membership number at registration.  Full equipment is required.  The Ice Dogs have goalie equipment for use in practice and games.

CLICK HERE to register for the 10U-18U Spring House Program