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Picture Day Information

NoVA Coaching Staff, Managers and Families,


Introducing you to Josh Kowalsky of JK Photography... We are honored to have Josh's services and we hope you find this process and product much better than year's past. No more paper order forms and the transfer of money on picture day and no more buying something you can't see prior to. You will find much more this season from JK Photography!


Josh plans to shoot one complete team at a time. All individual pics first, then the team pics. Coach/player pics will be taken when the player has their individual shots so coaches, be ready! Please be prepared for multiple shots; individual and team. Not one and done...


Now; Coaches, Managers and Players, please prepare yourself in this fashion for/on Picture Day:


1) Managers - Please coordinate jersey and sock color desired prior to Picture Day.

2) Coaches and Players - Be prompt, hairdo prepped, fully dressed and at the rink gate prior to the Zam finishing. Bring your helmet on the ice with you...

3) Coaches - Again, please be ready to have a picture or two with your player as these will be taken with the players individual shots.

4) Managers - Please have a handwritten player list with player numbers listing shortest to tallest. This can be completed at the Zam door as its needed to efficiently take the team picture. When Josh os ready for the team pic, you can help him by having this list completed.

5) Parents - Please help your managers find a bench or two and help place it on the ice for Team Pics if needed. Then help them take it off the ice when and place it back where it came from when pics are complete.


Attached is the promised flyer where you will find:


1) An active website link and password to access team galleries once posted

2) Basic instructions on how to order

3) An inclusive web store to purchase desired pics so no need to fill out paper order forms and provide funds at this time

4) Josh's contact info for Ice Dog picture related questions or for additional photography outside of this scope.

NoVA Travel:

11/14, Ft Dupont, 740pm, Travel 10UA and Travel 10LA

11/14, Ft Dupont, 850pm, Travel 14LA and Travel 16UA

11/14, Ft Dupont, 1000pm, Travel 18A

11/19, Mt Vernon, 730pm, Travel 12LA and 12B Red

11/19, Mt Vernon, 730pm, any individual makeup pics

NoVA Girls Team:

11/19, Mt Vernon, 600pm, Girls 10U, Girls 12A, Girls 12AA, Girls 14A

11/24, The Gardens Ice House, 1130am, Girls 14AA, Girls 16A, Girls 16AA, Girls 19AA

11/24, The Gardens Ice House, 1130am, any individual makeup pics


11/16, Ft Dupont, 445pm,  CCHL 10U Red and CCHL 10U White

11/16, Ft Dupont, 555pm,  CCHL 12U Red, CCHL 12U White and CCHL 12U Blue

11/16, Ft Dupont, 725pm,  CCHL 14U Red, CCHL 14U White and CCHL 14U Blue

11/16, Ft Dupont, 905pm, CCHL 18U Red, CCHL 18U White and CCHL 18U Blue

11/19, Mt Vernon, 730pm, any individual makeup pics