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2021-2022 NVHC Youth Travel and Girls Tryouts

UPDATED as of June 2nd! Details for CBHL Coed and Girls Tryouts on 5 and 6 June


The Ice Dogs will hold our first travel (CBHL) tryout sessions for the 21/22 season on the 5th and 6th of June at the St James Entertainment Complex (6805 Industrial Rd, Springfield, VA 22151). As of this week, all players and spectators must enter through the main (front) entrance of the St James. The rinks are located all the way down the long hallway to the right, on the lower level. We will be on the South rink (the rink furthest from the facility entrance).

Players and goalies may now dress inside the facility (and bring their bags in). Locker rooms are still closed. There are benches and chairs around the rink where players can sit to get dressed. Players and goalies should not enter until 30 minutes before their tryout session begins. Unvaccinated adults and children below the age of 12 are required to wear masks inside the St. James but players may remove their masks before going on to the ice. Players and adults who will enter the facility must be checked in within 12 hours of entry using this website: The St. James - Self-Health Assessment Acknowledgement.

We will be checking players in at one of the long tables located outside the rink on the bottom level of the St James. There your player will be be given a tryout jersey. We will track your player by the jersey he/she is issued so please make sure they accurately capture your name and your player doesn’t trade jerseys with anyone else before coming on the ice.

If your player is planning to try out as BOTH a goalie and skater, please let me know ( so I can determine which dates/times we’d like them to dress as goalie and which as player. If your player is 10U and you would like to borrow Ice Dog gear to try out as a goalie, please also contact me with your player’s height, the hand they catch with (this is normally the left. We have limited amounts of gear to support goalies who catch with their right hand), and also let me know if they just need a partial set of gear. All goalies must wear a goalie chest/arm protector, goalie catcher and blocker, goalie leg pads, and use a goalie stick.

All tryout sessions will be on the South Rink. The scheduled ice slots are listed below. We will provide specific information on the 19/20 June sessions in the next 1-2 weeks.

5 June:

11:35: 10U (Coed and Girls) Registration opens

12:10-12:35: 10U (Coed and Girls) Full Ice

12:00: 12U (Coed and Girls) Registration opens

12:35-1:05: 10U/12U (Coed and Girls) Split Ice

1:05-1:35: 12U (Coed and Girls) Full Ice

1:15: Coed 14-18U Registration opens

1:35-1:45: Ice Cut

1:45: Girls 14-19U Registration opens

1:45-2:15: Coed 14-18U Full Ice

2:15-2:45: Coed/Girls Split Ice

2:45-3:10: Girls 14-19U Full Ice

6 June:

9:30: 10U (Coed and Girls) Registration opens

10:00-10:30: 10U (Coed and Girls) Full Ice

10:00: 12U (Coed and Girls) Registration opens

10:30-11:00: 10U/12U (Coed and Girls) Split Ice

11:00-11:25: 12U (Coed and Girls) Full Ice

11:05: Coed 14-18U Registration opens

11:25-11:35: Ice Cut

11:30: Girls 14-19U Registration opens

11:35-12:00: Coed 14-18U Full Ice

12:00-12:30: Coed/Girls Split Ice

12:30-1:00: Girls 14-19U Full Ice

Initial roster decisions will not be announced until after the second set of tryouts on 19 and 20 June. Please let me know ASAP if your player is unavailable for any of the planned sessions.

The NoVA Hockey Club (NVHC) has opened registration for both our 2021-2022 NVHC Youth Travel Program and the NVHC Girls Program. Details for our rostering process this season are listed below. Please register as soon as possible to provide our Directors and Coaches with the time and information they need to make informed decisions in the weeks to come! 


Click here for more info on our coed CBHL programs and here for more info on our Girls programs.

You must use your player’s 2021-2022 USA Hockey Number to register for tryouts. USA Hockey numbers can be acquired here.


Tim Froemke

Travel Director

Larry Blake

Girls Director

2021-2022 NVHC Youth Hockey Tryouts

The Club is planning a full return to hockey for the 21/22 Fall and Winter season. For our CBHL girls and coed programs, we plan to field a team at each age group (10U-18U for coed and 10U-19U for girls) but will adjust based on interest, the player skill levels, and ice availability from our partner rinks.

We will conduct CBHL tryouts on June 5th and 6th with supplemental tryouts on June 19th and 20. All tryouts will be conducted at the St. James. Each age group will hold one session on the 5th, one session on the 6th, and one supplemental session on the 19th or 20th.

Registration for tryouts is now open at Please note: your player will need a new (21/22) USA Hockey number to register. You can register with USA Hockey at Tryouts will cost $100.

We will use the number of registrations at each age group to solidify our planning for the season and determine how many teams the Club can field. We will use USA Hockey ADM guidance when determining the minimum number of players required for a team. This guidance is available here.

The Ice Dog CBHL season will commence in early September and run until late February or early March. CBHL teams will practice twice a week at Mount Vernon during the 21/22 season. Games will be played on weekends and home games may be played at other facilities as we determine ice availability and restrictions at Mount Vernon.

Declarations of team levels to the CBHL will be determined after tryouts are complete and a final decision is made on the age groups at which we can successfully field competitive teams. We will not field CBHL teams if we don’t believe they will be competitive based on the number of registrants and the results of tryouts. The girls' program will decide what league and level to play in on a team-by-team basis.

The Facility Situation:

  • Mount Vernon ice is available to the Club with the same restrictions that have applied during the winter and spring skills and drills sessions: limited numbers of players allowed on the ice, all players must wear masks, and we are not allowed to conduct competitive drills that bring players or coaches within 6 ft of each other.
  • Fort Dupont has not opened and we have no clear indication of when they will open again or what they will establish as their on-ice rules and protocols.
  • Tucker Road may open again this fall but we don’t yet know what ice will be available there or what they will establish as their on-ice rules and protocols.
  • The St James will sell the Club ice to conduct tryouts this summer and may be able to provide a limited amount of ice for games in the fall and winter.
  • We are working with several additional rinks to be our back-up plan for game-ice in the event our public rinks are slower to allow competition this fall.

Our goal is to simplify the program and make it easier for parents and players to get to practices and games.