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10U-18U Youth Program (CBHL)

    USA Hockey COVID-19 player Safety Updates

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    Tim Froemke

    Travel Director

    Kristi Carbone


    The NVHC Ice Dogs are a non-profit, volunteer organization with a mission of providing a fun, engaging hockey experience that maximizes player development opportunities at a reasonable cost.  

    We are committed to providing an opportunity to learn and play the game of ice hockey in an environment of equal participation and competitiveness while promoting good sportsmanship and team play.

    What does it mean to be on a NVHC Youth Travel Team?

    • Two on-ice practices per week (on average)
    • Some teams have off-ice requirements
    • Maximum of two local games each weekend; league or non-league
    • Overnight travel may be required to play both league and non-league games. When traveling overnight, there is the likelihood of more than two games played.
    • Participation in 1-4 tournaments (NOTE: We are currently evaluating how we will incorporate tournaments into our schedule while the pandemic affects our ability to travel). 
    • Player attendance at practices and team events directly impacts player's Time on Ice (TOI) in games (Head Coach Decision)

    What Age Division should my child try out for?

    USA Hockey uses your child’s birth year to determine what Age Division a player should participate in. In the 2021-2022 season, players will be placed in the following Age Divisions:

    8U 10U 12U 14U 16U 18U
    2013-2016 2011-2012 2009-2010 2007-2008 2005-2006 2003-2004


    Team Specifics:

    The Season Dues for each NVHC Ice Dogs Youth Travel Team will be determined in the next 3-5 weeks as we communicate with our home rinks and determine ice cost and availability under current public health guidelines. Unlike the 2019-2020 season, the Club will not collect a "Player Development/Tournament Fee" and will instead lead tournament fee collection at the team level (if tournaments can be played in the 21-22 season).

    The Club does not currently plan to provide Wolfe instruction for the 21/22 season but will offer goalie training using Club resources.

    All rostered skaters and goalies are expected to participate in any tournaments their teams schedule. Any tournament-related costs (Fees, Hotel, Travel) are the responsibility of the individual player/family. NOTE: for the 21/22 season, teams will participate in local tournaments unless there is a change in public health guidelines. Families who are uncomfortable with extended travel or tournaments including non-DMV teams will not be required to pay for or participate in tournaments.

    All rostered players and goalies will be required to have specific home and away game jerseys, pant shell and set of home and away "performance" game socks.

    Team Composition:

    The NVHC Ice Dogs work to maximize the potential of all players so we place the right number of players on a team. We have set a minimum and maximum roster size for each team in every Age Division.  

    21/22 Average number of Skaters + Goalies (G) per Team:

    8U 10U 12U 14U 16-18U
    8-11 + 1(G) 12-14 + 2(G) 13-16 + 2(G) 15-18 + 2(G) 15-18 + 2(G)


    Tryout Sessions:

    Tryouts will be held on the 5th and 6th of June with a supplemental session on either 19 or 20 June. Tryouts will be conducted at the St James. 

    Registration for tryouts will open during the week of April 19th, 2021. All players will need their 2021-2022 USA Hockey Number in order to register for NVHC Youth Travel Tryouts and a specific NVHC Youth Travel Team. 

    *** No Walk-on's allowed *** You must be pre-registered ***

    The Club plans to field teams at 10U, 12U, 14U, and 16U-18U.  The number of teams and level of play is subject to the number and quality of the selected players.

    Tryout Composition:

    Tryouts at each Age Division will consist of 2 or 3 tryout sessions/dates. Skaters and Goalies are required to attend all sessions to ensure each candidate has exposure to the evaluation team. Goalies will receive specific instructions on tryouts based on their age group and whether they wish to also be evaluated as players. All goalies will be evaluated as players as well at the 8U and 10U age levels.  

    A specific team's level of play will be determined after the completion of tryouts (AA, UA, LA, B designations will be submitted to the Travel Director for submission to the CBHL by the NVHC Board). 

    Lead Coaches will conduct the evaluations with the administrative assistance of the Evaluators and Assistant Coaches. Head Coaches will finalize their rosters with the Travel Director/Hockey Committee.  Each player’s family will be notified by both email and phone of their selection and validation of their acceptance. If the player does not accept the offer to play on the specified NVHC Youth Travel Team, the Club has the option to roster another player in their place to fill the vacant slot.There may also be a Supplemental tryouts in late August/early September.    

    Goalie Specifics:

    Goalies are required to attend all tryout sessions for their respective age group but will be informed if there are specific changes to this mandate.

    Age Division Lead Coaches have been named and these individuals will conduct tryouts at each Age Division. They will coordinate with the other coaches at that Age Division to ensure optimal improvement, consistent messaging and coordinated focus. All CBHL coaching volunteers have submitted applications that have been reviewed and approved by the NVHC Board’s Hockey Committee. Specific team assignments for coaches will be based upon the placement of their players following tryouts.

    Age Division Leads:

    10U Lead: Sean Lynch/Tim Froemke

    12U Leads: Josh Cohen

    14U Lead: TBD

    16/18U Lead: TBD

    If you have any questions concerning our NVHC Youth Travel Tryouts, please contact the NVHC CBHL (Travel) Director, Tim Froemke via email at