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Board of Directors and Key Volunteers

NoVA Board of Directors Nominees 2022-23 Season

The NVHC is managed by a 10-member Board or Directors and several Key Volunteers.

President: Brian McCarthy

Brian is the current NVHC President and has served on the BOD for 7 years and coached for 6.  Brian served as CCHL Director for 5 years before being elected Vice President, then President. Brian’s goal is for every skater and their family to have a positive experience on and off the ice while fostering personal growth and a love of the sport of hockey.

Vice President: David Paradise

David’s family has been part of the NOVA Ice Dogs since 2013, during which time he has served as a team manager, tournament coordinator, and board member, most recently serving as vice-president. During that time he helped guide the organization through the Covid changes and has been a liaison for team managers. He would be honored to continue as a Board Member working to ensure the continued growth and strength of all Ice Dog programs.

Treasurer: HB Swoope

H.B. Swoope, current NVHC Treasurer, has served on the BOD as Treasurer for the past 12 years.  H.B. has had one son begin in cross ice and play through all levels.  His youngest son is twelve years old and will play on the 14UB team next season.   In his time as Treasurer, he has helped automate the club's payment system and migrated through two registration platforms.  H.B. has enjoyed working with the BOD and NVHC families to ensure a fun, safe and affordable hockey program.

Secretary:  Will Heaton

Will has been part of the Ice Dogs since his son and daughter, now 12U and 8U, started in LTP. He joined the board as an At-Large member last year and has also helped coach both his son’s and daughter’s teams in the 8U and 10U levels. Will volunteers his time to support both on and off ice Ice Dog activities and wants to continue growing the Ice Dog community in the 2022-2023 season so more kids can benefit from a fun hockey experience.

CCHL Director: Mike Sharp

Mike has been on the Ice Dogs Board for 5 years, serving both as an At-large member and as CCHL Director.  He has been involved as a coach in the program since 2010 and coached every age group from LTP to 16/18U.  He looks forward to continuing to work with the Board, our membership, and our key partners to ensure Ice Dogs hockey continues to grow and thrive in the future.

CBHL Director: Matt Seney

Matt has been part of the Ice Dogs since his daughter started playing hockey in 2017. As the CBHL Hockey Director, he oversees NoVA's CBHL travel program by providing a travel hockey framework for the club, supporting the travel coaches, and serving as a conduit between the CBHL and NoVA. Matt has a great understanding of what goes into building a quality youth hockey club and draws on a broad range of experience that includes youth AAA playing experience, Junior hockey playing experience, 18+ years of coaching hockey, and 8+ years helping run the Capital Scholastic Hockey League. As a Coach Developer for USA Hockey, Matt is a strong advocate for promoting USAH's American Development Model that focuses (among other things) on developing players in a fun and safe environment through the Long-Term Athlete Development model and age-appropriate training.

Girls’ Hockey Director: Larry Blake

Larry has been an Ice Dog since 2017, coaching his daughter and son at Girls 14UAA, 16UAA,19UAA as well as 12U, 14U and 18U CCHL teams. He has spent the past year as the Girls program director and 19U Girls Co-head coach, and looks forward to continuing to grow and rebuild the Ice Dogs Girls program.

8U Director:  Ben Marter

Ben has been an Ice Dog since 2013, coaching 14U, 12U, LTP, and now with his son at the 8U level. As 8U Director, Ben steered the program through a rebuilding year in 2021 and hopes to continue to build the pipeline of young Ice Dogs growing our club.

At-large Member:  Megan Gottemoeller

Megan has been part of the Ice Dogs since her sons, now 16U and 12U, started in LTP. As a Board Member-at-large during the 2021-22 season, she supported new communications and social media efforts, the raffle and Ice Dog Night. Her goal is to cultivate and promote Ice Dog spirit, community, and good vibes as we navigate changes.

At-large Member: Liz Townsend

Liz has been a part of the Ice Dogs since her son, now 14U, started in LTP and was a 10U team manager.   This year she volunteered her time to spearhead the newsletter, support key communications efforts, the raffle, and Ice Dog Night.   Her goal is to continue to support the club and position us for great success in the future.

2022-23 Northern Virginia Hockey Club Board of Directors & Key Volunteers

Board Members

Brian McCarthy


H.B. Swoope


Larry Blake

Girls Director

Liz Townsend

At Large Member

David Paradise

Vice President

Mike Sharp

CCHL Director

Ben Marter

8U Director

Will Heaton


Matt Seney

CBHL Director

Megan Gottemoeller

At Large Member

Key Volunteers

Phil Erdie


Mike Hearon

Learn To Play Director

David Paradise




Kristi Carbone

Club Registrar

Liz Townsend




Andy Mueller

USA Hockey Registrar

Erica Rabe



Social Media