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NoVA 8U Travel Program

NoVA 8U Travel Program Overview

Current Season: 2019-2020

NoVA is fielding three 8U CBHL teams for the 19-20 season. This includes a Major Year Lower A team (Red), a Minor Year Lower A team (White), and a Mixed B team (Blue). Tryouts are complete but there is limited availability for additional players. Contact Tim Froemke at the link below for more information.

Player Birth Years: Players born in 2011, 2012 and 2013

Number of Players per Team: 9-11

Season Fee: $650 (NoVA 8U House Program Fee) + $450 (NoVA 8U Travel Program Fee).

Additional Fees: $40 Tryout fee. Tournaments (number, location, and cost to be determined after team selection).

Practices: Our 8U Travel teams practice every Tuesday from 7:30-8:45pm at Mount Vernon Ice Arena. We have occasional practices on Saturday afternoons at Mount Vernon when our schedule permits.

Games: A full CBHL Regular Season jamboree schedule with additional exhibition games versus local area teams and 1-3 tournaments.

Players must already be registered with our 8U House program to participate in our travel program!

For more information, contact Tim Froemke, the 8U Travel Director, from the link below.

Tim Froemke

8U Travel Director

Phone: 703.873.7587

NoVA 8U Travel Program Specifics

The Ice Dogs have fielded three 8U travel teams for this season (2011 LA, 2012 LA, mixed B). The players on NoVA's 8U Travel teams are be a subset of players from the Club's 8U House Program playing in the Metropolitan Division. The Metropolitan Division is be comprised of older, more experienced players including the NoVA 8U Travel players.

Travel Practices:

The NoVA 8U Travel teams practice every Tuesday night from 7:30-8:45pm at Mount Vernon Ice Arena. We also practice on Saturday afternoons at Mount Vernon when schedules permit (no games, ice available, etc.).

CBHL Games:

The CBHL has adopted a Jamboree-style format for league play. Each representative club will host a three-hour Jamboree where each attending team will play multiple 1/2-ice games. These Jamborees will be scheduled on either a Saturday or Sunday beginning no earlier than November 1 and ending no later than January 31.

Player Expectations:

Unless a NoVA 8U Travel team event is in direct conflict with either an 8U NoVA House practice or an 8U NoVA House game, all NoVA 8U Travel players are expected to attend their respective NoVA 8U House events. It is the intent of the Club and the 8U NoVA Travel Coach to minimize conflicts with the NoVA 8U House Program.