Dues and Refunds

The Northern Virginia Hockey Club Dues & Refund Policy explains the cost for the various programs, the installment plans and discounts available, how dues are prorated, and how refund requests are processed.

The Northern Virginia Hockey Club Board of Directors has the authority to modify this policy at any time.  The Board of Directors also reserves the right to approve individual club member’s dues adjustments and/or refund amounts in the event of extenuating circumstances not covered by this policy.


The following table describes for dues for each Ice Dog program for 2017-2018 season

  Installment Payments
Program  Tryout Fee Total Dues  Due at Registration Due
August 1
October 1
LTP 45 minute per 10-week session N/A  $100  $100
LTP 90 minute per 10-week session N/A  $150  $150
8U House N/A  $650  $325  $325
8U Travel (in addition to 8U House) $0  $350  $350
10U, 12U, 14U, 18U House N/A  $1,200  $400  $400  $400
10U, 12U, 14U, 16U Travel  $80  $2,100  $700  $700  $700
18U Travel  $80  $1,560  $560  $500  $ 00
Girls Travel  $60  $1,300  $500  $400  $400
Girls U14AA, U16AA, U19AA Travel  $60  $1,750  $650  $550  $550


Pay in Full Discount

The Ice Dogs offer a 5% discount for paying all installments at registration if paid by the deadline.

Goaltender Discount

The Ice Dogs offer a 30% discount for goaltenders playing on 10U or older teams.  Discounts are deducted from the final payment.

Family Discount

The Ice Dogs offer a 10% discount for the 2nd child in a family and a 20% discount for additional children.  The largest discounts are applied to the children with the lowest total dues.  Discounts are deducted from the final payment.


The Ice Dogs have a financial aid program, which is described at http://www.nova-icedogs.org/scholarships/

Prorated Dues for Late Additions

For players joining after September 30th, dues are prorated at the rate of one-sixth of the total dues per month.

  • Register in October – Pay for 5 months (5/6 of total dues)
  • Register in November – Pay for 4 months (4/6 of total dues)
  • Register in December – Pay for 3 months (3/6 of total dues)

For Learn-To-Play (LTP), dues are prorated at $10 or $15 per week starting after the second week.  Spring League and other special sessions are also prorated per week after the second week.


Voluntary Withdrawal

A voluntary withdrawal is for players who choose to either stop playing hockey or to join another club.  If a player voluntarily withdraws, he/she pays a penalty of 25% of the season dues, plus a prorated cost based on the date of the refund request, as shown in the chart below.  The 25% penalty is waived if the club can fill the vacant position immediately from a waiting list.  No discounts are applied to players who request a voluntary withdrawal.  No regular season Voluntary Withdrawal refund requests are accepted after November 30.

  • Withdraw before September 1 – 25% penalty
  • Withdraw in September – 25% penalty plus 1-month (37.5% total)
  • Withdraw in October – 25% penalty plus 2-months (50% total)
  • Withdraw in November – 25% penalty plus 3-months (62.5% total)

Hardship Withdrawal

A Hardship withdrawal is for players who cannot continue playing hockey for the Ice Dogs due to player injury or illness, family medical issues, military deployment, unemployment, relocation or any other issue making it not practical to continue playing.  Registering with a recognized PVAHA Tier 1 program also qualifies for a hardship withdrawal.  For financial hardships, the player should also submit a scholarship application.  The Regular Season programs are prorated based on six months September through February.

Unlike the voluntary withdrawal, there is no penalty for a hardship withdrawal.  The amount owed is 1/6 of the season cost per month or partial month based on the date of the last ice slot used. All hardship requests must be approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Withdraw before September 1 – No Charge (0% owed)
  • Withdraw in September – 1-month (16.7% total)
  • Withdraw in October – 2-months (33.3% total)
  • Withdraw in November – 3-months (50% total)
  • Withdraw in December – 4 months (66.7% total)

Special Sessions

For LTP, Spring League, and Clinics, the refund policy follows the Hardship & Voluntary guidelines above, except the cost is prorated based on number of scheduled ice slots.

Refund Process

All requests for refunds or financial releases must be submitted to the club treasurer in writing via either US Mail or email with an explanation of the circumstances.  For withdrawal requests requiring Board of Director approval, the treasurer shall bring the request to the next regularly scheduled board meeting for a decision.

The amount of the refund is the amount paid minus the amount owed.

Not Refundable

The following expenses are not refundable:

  • USA Hockey Dues
  • Tryout Fees
  • Team Dues (Tournament Fees, etc.)
  • Equipment (Jerseys, bags, warmups, etc.)

Non-payment of Installments

Players who are more than 30 days in arrears are not allowed to participate in any Ice Dog function and may lose their roster spot.  The treasurer is responsible for disseminating this information to the age representatives who will notify the affected players and their coaches.

Non-payment of installments does not constitute a request for withdrawal.

Requests for Financial Release

A player must request a Financial Release in writing from the club treasurer.  The Financial Release will be granted for any player who is paid in full, or has withdrawn from the program and does not owe money.

If the player owes money to the Club, the treasurer will invoice the player and grant a financial release upon payment.

Transfers between Ice Dog Programs

If a player transfers between two Ice Dog programs, the player will pay or be refunded the prorated difference in dues between the two programs.