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NOVA Ice Dogs

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John Rader


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Dee Reardon



Jessica Hughes



H.B. Swoope


Travel Director:

Bryan Oakeley


House Director:

Brian McCarthy

Girls Representative:

Peter Townsend


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Squirt Age Representative:

Trey Hardin


PeeWee Age Representative:

Rich Austin


Bantam Age Representative:

Carrie Stewart


Midget Age Representative:

Steve Hinkley

Sport International Hockey Academy's 28th summer of hockey instruction

As they have now entered the New Year, The Sport International Hockey Academy has also started preparing for it's 28th summer of hockey instruction. Their main goal each year, is to offer every player a quality hockey education, combining an even mix of hard work and fun!  Register by March 15 to receive a 5% Early Bird Discount.  If you register for both camps- June 26 - 30 & July 31 - Aug. 4- you will get a 10% discount!

NEW FOR 2017

1. On-Ice Program: All new on-ice drills including; New Shooting Drills, New Puckhandling Drills & European Flow Drills as well as New Attack Triangle Drills & Tire Drills (using tires to enhance puck protection and tight turns with the puck).

2. Video Analysis: New Pro Videos, new cut-out comparisons along with expert audio analysis and computer split screens. Clearly the best guarantee for a quality hockey education! You may purchase your Individualized take-home DVD of your entire weekly video analysis ($15.00). They will also be offering a Flash Drive for your Video Analysis files ($20.00). The video files that will be recorded to your DVD or Flash Drive, will be MP4 files that may be easily transferred to your Laptop, Desktop Computer or TV (Flash Drive) and may be viewed on any Media Player. Please view a sample of their Video Analysis offer;

3. Goalie Program: SIHA travels a Goalie Instructor to each of their summer locations. SIHA will be offering new drills including; The Tip-Shot Save, Screen Shot Saves, Post To Post Drills, Passing Drills & Rebound Save Drills. They will also be offering new video analysis techniques, including Cut-Out Analysis and Split Screen Pro Comparisons. Their Goalie Program will include; Stance & Angles, The Pad Save, The Glove Save and The Break-Away Save. Please view a sample of the Goalie Video Analysis offer;

4. Off-Ice Shooting Program: The coaches will be bringing back the I-Pad video analysis program, analyzing each student's off-ice shooting techniques on a daily basis. This will be a great way for each student to see their technique on video immediately, along with the instructor's feedback to correct the various shot executions, on the spot.

5. Game-Tape Analysis:   SIHA will be filming each group in a scrimmage and then professionally analyze the group's positional play, decision making and various offensive and defensive strategic possibilities. The Game-Tape Analysis gives all student's an opportunity to see themselves in a game situation and then displaying the more intricate parts of the game. You may also purchase a copy of the Game-Tape session for your son/daughter's group ($15.00). The video files that will be recorded to your Game-Tape DVD will be MP4 files that may be easily transferred to your Laptop or Desktop Computer and may be viewed on any Media Player. Please view a sample of the Game-Tape Video offer; 

6. SIHA Staff: SIHA will have many returning staff members returning for our 2017 Instructional Tour, coming from Ferris State University (Michigan), University of Buffalo, Hobart College, SUNY Oswego, Dartmouth University & James Madison University. All staff members are all hand selected individuals and are terrific at working with young hockey players and seeing the student's development, through the course of their camps.

The SIHA web site has been updated for 2017 and they are currently receiving applications for the summer program. Please feel free to review the SIHA website to see all of the smiling faces from past camps.

There was a record number of SIHA students last year, filling camps in over half of the 2016 cities, and they expect another solid showing this year due to the hard work of the Regional Directors, the support from the host rink and student/parent recommendations. Unfortunately, SIHA had to turn away several students last year, due to our student/instructor ratio limitations. Don't be disappointed this year, please register early!

They are currently offering a 5% Early Bird Discount until March 15/2017 (single city choice) They are also offering a 10% Multiple Week Discount (2 or more SIHA weeks chosen)

You may register online for our 2017 camps, by clicking on the following link;

SIHA 2017 Summer Brochure (PDF):


SIHA Regional Director: Cathy Guthrie

Camp Dates: June 26 - 30 & July 31 - Aug. 4 (Mt. Vernon Rec. Center)

Camp Price: $500.00 (discounts available)

SIHA Hotel Sponsor: TBA

The SIHA coaches look forward to a great 28th year and bringing The Sport International Hockey Academy to our hockey community for another exciting instructional camp for players aged 6 - 17 yrs. (all students grouped by age and ability). If you should have any questions, please either call 1-800-724-6658 or e-mail us at

LTP Caps

The NOVA ICE DOGS  are excited to announce that through a generous donation by the Washington Capitals, the National Hockey League and CCM, all NEW 8 & Under players who register in our Learn to Play program for the upcoming Fall/Winter season will be receiving a FREE Equipment package.

The equipment is part of the Learn To Play program and players will receive an equipment package which includes: Skates, Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Shin Guards, Pants, Gloves, Jersey, Stick and Equipment Bag, which is for each player to keep.

You will need to register your player through this link.

It is important that you pick MT Vernon as the rink.  You will be required to pay the $100 fee in order to complete the registration.  **(If you have already registered on the NOVA ICE DOGS site we will refund the $100)**.  Once completed I will receive an email with your contact info.  At some point we will need require you to also register on the NOVA site but we will let you know when it is ready to do so.   I will provide more info about equipment when I receive the registration email from the Caps.    In order to get the gear by the first session on Sept 11, I need to submit all the  equipment sizes to the Caps NO LATER THAN AUGUST 29th.   

The equipment will be delivered to each player in September prior to the start of the Learn to Play Program.

AGAIN- in order to be eligible for the free gear the player must be between 4-8 and this is their FIRST TIME (NEW) to our Learn to Play program.   

Please contact Dan Sheehan with any question at